We are Metruna

We are a wholesale and retail scrap metal purchasing company. Established in 2011 and today we are one of the leading market leaders in the Baltic countries.
Our activity is the sorting, processing and preparation of collected scrap metal waste for export to foundries of metal products.
Our aspirations are to become leaders in this field, to provide our clients with high-quality service, and to constantly look for new and innovative solutions to improve our work practices. Also, to be ecologically and socially responsible, and to foster sustainable relationships within the company and with its customers.
We note that by collecting, processing and recycling scrap metal waste, we contribute to saving natural resources, reducing pollution and harmful effects on the environment and reducing energy costs. In order to achieve continuous growth and efficiency of performance, we commit to: compliance with obligations based on legal and moral principles, regular review of our activity plan, monitoring of goals and means to achieve them, and improvement of management skills. By cooperating and listening to our customers, we develop our range of services and grow our work experience.

We work – energetically, enthusiastically, qualitatively and responsibly!
We invite you to become our business partners and customers.

ISO certificates
• ISO 9001:2015 (quality management system)
• EU and Council Regulation no. 333/2011